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before you decide on a contractor, call abc. we've already asked the tough questions.

Do They have a strong safety culture?

The nationwide Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) is an organized approach for analyzing and developing your company's safety and loss prevention programs. Companies large and small utilize the STEP program which delivers results. ABC-VA encourages all of our contractor members to participate in STEP and our statewide safety competition, Paragon Awards. 

do they Maintain a Drug/Alcohol Free Workplace? ABC encourages members to take the pledge to become a partner in the Construction Coalition for a Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace. The coalition was created with the purpose of providing companies and organizations with the resources necessary to successfully implement an effective substance abuse policy.

do they invest in their workforce?
The Management/ Continuing educational programs, are developed and taught by experts with real industry experience. ABC-VA is aware of market changes and our training matches the needs of the industry perfectly.

do they USE A CERTIFIED APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM? The goal of our craft and apprenticeship training is to give individuals the opportunity to become skilled craftspeople, learn a trade, and earn an income, providing ABC-VA contractors the ability to employ a highly skilled workforce. We have curriculum for over 30 trades. Click here to learn more.
do they Use the Latest Technology?
ABC's latest partnership, Project Virtual, brings affordable and effective BIM training and solutions to ABC members so they can better plan, build, and manage buildings and infrastructure. Project Virtual has tools for ABC contractor members of every size and level of BIM sophistication, both new users and those interested in expanding the technical expertise of their team.