We Help you win work
Our events and networking opportunities connect you with the people you need to
know in the industry.

We Protect free Enterprise
Our government affairs staff lobbies to keep projects competitive and open to all.

We help you deliver work safely
Our Safety programs keep you up-to-date with training. Our Chapter Safety Awards recognizes our members for their excellence in the field of safety. Our OSHA-recognized Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) establishes a foundation for entering the public works arena, lowers your mod rating and insurance premiums and ensures your workers' on-the-job health and productivity.

We help you deliver quality
Our training programs generate skilled and knowledgeable workers. Our state approved apprenticeship programs produce a skilled workforce and help you meet prevailing wage requirements.

We want you to succeed and be profitable
Our local and national business partners provide exclusive member discounts and services, allowing you to run your business efficiently and productively.

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