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Critical Conversation: Women's Communication Seminar
Tuesday, February 28, 2017
Breakfast: 7:45 A.M. - 8:00 A.M.
Class: 8:00 A.M. - 11:00 a.m.

Attendees will learn and practice Communication strategies for framing & delivering difficult news in situations with conflicting objectives, problematic information, tension, communicating changes in deliverables/specs, due dates, etc., personality conflicts and distinctive strategies that let women
hold their own in a tough conversation.
-How to prepare for and pull off the tough conversation
-Come across the way you need to and optimize the likelihood of a successful resolution

Do your homework. Anticipate the hurdles! Know exactly what you want and how you’ll say it!
  • Kairos Communicating: Learning to make every encounter “a moment in time that will never come again because of the value of what can be accomplished, the integrity of the people involved and the physical opportunity to get it done now.” 
  • Identifying and then erasing (forever!) ineffective nonverbal communication behaviors
  • The tough conversations checklist
  • Distinctive strategies for women:
-How to take your seat at the table
-Why it’s hard. Why very few people do it well
-How you can be one of the people who does it well.
-How to approach your end of any high-stakes communication with the certainty that you’ve thought through the three most critical aspects; anticipated (and addressed!)
-The three most likely “push-backs;” will be understood, controlled, and/or define your nonverbal that you come across the way you want to and optimize the likelihood of a successful resolution.

Dr. Liz McClancy has been a sought-after business communication consultant for over 27
years, across the public, private and nonprofit sectors.  Her real-world, customized seminars focus on
practical, research-driven solutions.  Her enthusiasm and the practicality of the course content and
deliverables mean that attendees leave owning the material and benefitting from it.

B.A.  Rollins College
M.A. in Interpersonal & Organizational Communication, University of Central Florida
Ed.D in Applying Behavior- and Attitude-Change Tenets to Instructional & Curriculum Design,
University of Central Florida


"Dr. Liz is enthusiastic and passionate about her her research-driven facts which keep engagement".

"Dr. McClancy uses real life experiences and applies them to her technique".

"The statistical information Dr. Liz shares is eye opening".

ABC-Virginia Training Facility
42680 Trade West Drive
Dulles, VA

Member: $120
Additional Member from the Same Company: $100
Non-Member: $180
(Breakfast Included)
Please note a reservation constitutes a financial commitment unless cancellations are made 48 hours in advance.